It's been a month since we launched Roda, and we have some stats.

It's been a month since we launched Roda, and we have some stats.

Before I begin, We humbly want to thank you and everyone who believes in Roda. We assure you that trust in us prospers. 

When we began creating the Desk Notebook, we had various plans for the launch. But lockdown happened. 

Bro not cool meme by

So we had to launch Roda with a simple Instagram story. The excitement to show you our creation convinced me to put myself in front of the camera. It was uneasy, but I had to do it. Just to let you know, I still haven't seen the video myself. I asked my brother to upload it to my Instagram. 

On the launch day,

  • I made sure I won't compel anyone to buy. Because we have no idea what people are going through in life.
  • I made sure I won't DM people to follow us. It's not the ideal way to build followers. 
  • I made sure I won't ask people to share it on their Instagram stories. Because sharing is caring but forcing is not. 

So we expected just a couple of orders on our first day. But it went like, 

  • 11 orders 
  • 80 Instagram profile follows
  • 202 website visitors

And 100's of best wishes. 

One month status:

Desk Notebook Sales by Color

So far, 42 Desk Notebooks have found their dream desks. Among these, Green and Blue are equally the most popular color. Yet, there isn't a substantial difference between all five colors. It's a win for us because we spent an awful lot of time deciding on the final five colors. 

Our hometown Chennai bagged most of our orders. Nevertheless, we also shipped to:

Places we shipped in our first month. India Map. Roda Notes. Desk Notebook.

  • Kochi
  • Salem
  • Sriperumbudur
  • Bengaluru
  • Kodanad (highest altitude we have shipped)
  • Puducherry 
  • Bikaner (farthest we have shipped)
  • Pune
  • Kolkata
  • Ernakulam
  • Thiruvananthapuram

Anyway, we expect to ship more orders to more places in coming months. We've just begun. We have more amazing things coming up that will improve the way you work. 

If you aren't following us yet, we are active on Instagram and Facebook. And moderately active on Twitter and Linkedin

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