Whether you're working on your next big idea or a dream project, Notepad is an essential desk tool to brainstorm, plan, and take notes.

Two sizes, to delight your desk.

Notepads come in two sizes to fit your desk setup and stay within reach. So you can capture your thoughts and focus on what matters.

Using Notepad to generate ideas

Keep your ideas flowing and organised.

Tear off sheets as you go, evaluate your ideas, and keep only the ones that are worth keeping.

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The Most Requested Tool

  • "Hello, can you tell me when will the new notepads be out? I am eagerly waiting."

    Tahil from Delhi

  • "I can’t wait to get my hands on the notepads!!"

    Nikhil from Chennai

  • "I want notepads but it's out of stock I guess, can you let me know by when it will be in stock"

    Varun from Bengaluru

  • "When will notepad slim will be available in stock?"

    Venkat from Bengaluru

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